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Sleeping Yankee fan wakes up cranky: Sues ESPN for $10 million after airing nap

A fan who fell sound asleep at a Yankee game was shown on national television while snoozing and two ESPN announcers commented on how this guy was in a deep and sound sleep. The guy looked to be completely oblivious to those around him. “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday morning July, 8, showed the ESPN clip that was seen on TV during the game with the Yankee fan taking a nap.

Sleeping Yankess fan suing for $10 million because announcers pointed out he was sleeping?
YouTube screen shot/ESPN

According to ABC Sports News on July 8, the fan has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the two ESPN announcers claiming that the men mocked him on national television while he slept. His lawsuit claims they called him derogatory names like “fatty” and “stupid.”

The lawsuit claims that the video clip of ESPN announcers, Dan Shulman and John Kruck, was said to have “unleashed an avalanche of disparaging words” against the sleeping man, Andrew Robert Rector. The video, which is seen above, was tame and not a disparaging word is heard, so why is he asking for so much money?

Rector said his character and reputation suffered “substantial injury” and he endured “mental anguish” which resulted in: loss of earning capacity and “loss of future income.” All this because the guy took a nap?

This guy is serious, he is going for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Isn’t he forgetting that this was all on tape? “Fox and Friends” played the tape for their viewing audience on Tuesday morning and the ESPN announcers said nothing that can remotely weigh in as disparaging.

The words “fatty” and “stupid” were not said according to Fox News website today. The men weren’t at all condescending or derogatory toward the sleeping man.

The men talked about the guy’s neck hurting and laughed about the man sitting next to him, surmising that he was his buddy who was ignoring the fact that his friend was sleeping. The man was chowing down on food and not paying a bit of attention to his friend napping next to him.

The lawsuit not only names the two ESPN announcers, but it has Major League Baseball and the Yankees team also as defendants. It was filed in the Bronx Supreme Court last week. Is this guy really serious about taking up the court's time over something like this. Did he actual find a lawyer willing to represent him after viewing the video?

As "Fox and Friends" anchor, Steve Doocy, said today, this guy fell asleep at a public venue. Doocy is right, this guy cannot expect that his napping be considered as a private moment, one that the cameras should not film. So he fell asleep and people saw this on TV. No one called him "fatty" or "stupid," so where did he pull those words from and why pin it on the announcers when the entire ordeal is on tape? You just can't make this stuff up it is so ridiculous!

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