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Sleeping Alone versus Co-sleeping

Why babies shouldn't be sleeping alone
Why babies shouldn't be sleeping alone
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For some new mothers this is a big question. In the west the trend has been to put baby into a suitable crib immediately, some health care professionals claiming the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is increased when the baby shares a bed with parents. However what they don't mention is that in most cases the parent had taken drugs or alcohol. In fact some parents had fallen asleep on the sofa while feeding the baby (after taking the baby from the cot) resulting in death of the baby. The media chooses to ignore this and harp on co-sleeping however.
Asian parents traditionally co-sleep with their children and Asian mothers prefer breastfeeding over the bottle. Studies have linked both breastfeeding and cuddling to higher IQs in children. It is much easier for a breastfeeding mother to have her child sleeping next to her. The security an infant feels being close to its mother as compared to a child left alone, often to 'cry it out', prevents stress disorders.
It has been proven that children who co-sleep with their parents show more independence, have a higher self-esteem and fewer health problems as well as more success in school. It will take a few adjustments to your bedroom to accommodate the new bedfellow safely, but it can be done easily. It is well worth the time, so before you put baby in a bed of its own, consider the proven benefits of co-sleeping. Remember these first years of the baby's life are the most important, you want to give your baby all the love and security you can.