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Sleeper Agent at San Diego's Irenic

Sleeper Agent at San Diego's Irenic-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

Straight out of Bowling Green, Kentucky and right into the Irenic in San Diego is where Sleeper Agent found themselves Tuesdsay night. Fresh off the release of their newest album, About Last Night, the band is beginning to gain recognition from people, media, and radio. Their newest single, “Waves,” can be found on the Billboard Alternative Songs charts and can be heard on radio stations across the nation.

Though the venue was fairly small, the band put on a high energy production, one I’d normally be used to seeing on more prolific stages. The crowd, though small in size, was big on excitement, singing along to every song with equal enthusiasm as the song preceding it. Singer Alex Kandel took center stage, with guitarist Tony Smith and bassist Lee Williams on each side. Perfectly teetering between flirty and grungy, Kandel fills every line of song with equal parts dancing and head banging.

Sleeper Agent played through songs from both albums. With About Last Night being a more mature and tight sound than songs from their debut album, Celebrasion, it was interesting to see the contrast of where they started, and where they are now. The interplay of voices between Kandel and Smith creates a more playful duality in their tone, one that will be great to see evolve as they mature as a band.

Their newest album, About Last Night, is out now. Check it out.

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