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Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

Here is Aurora in quintessential sleeping cat mode.
Here is Aurora in quintessential sleeping cat mode.
Kate Woodbury

Nothing is more classic than the sleeping cat, whether curled up in a tight ball or sprawled out in an I'm-too-cool-for-myself pose.

According to PetMD, cats can sleep as much as 15-20 hours a day. Of course, this amount increases as cats age. Nita Heerk's 3-year-old Bob sleeps approximately 35% less than 18-year-old Aurora. For Aurora, life is a series of resting places punctuated by food and restless Bob.

Cats do sleep more during the day, less at dawn and dusk. Their eating and excretion habits follow the same pattern. If you may come home after a day's work and find that nothing was eaten and the litter box is perfectly clean, don't panic! Cats view daytime differently than us.

The slideshow shows Nita Heerk's cats Aurora, Bob, and Max plus her sister Ann's cat Chica in various stages of repose.