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Sleep Apnea Treatment(CPAP) May Boost Men's Sex Lives

Sleep Apnea Treatment(CPAP) May Boost Men's Sex Lives
Sleep Apnea Treatment(CPAP) May Boost Men's Sex Lives

Men Improve Their Sex Lives With CPAP
It was reported a couple of years ago, by Dr. Steven Park of the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, that a sleep apnea treatment might boost men's sex lives. The sleep apnea treatment that he referred to was the continuous positive airway pressure (“CPAP”) device. There had been previous studies on this sleep apnea treatment, but with the advancement of medical technology and research, Dr. Park's newly acquired evidence was more conclusive.

CPAP If I Do and CPAP If I Don't
However, many men feared that wearing a CPAP to bed would make them unattractive to their spouses and female friends. After all, earlier medical devices consisted of 6 feet of tubing and an Hannibal Lecter looking mask, which was worn over the face. Also, if a man was diagnosed with sleep apnea, the first thing he thought of was feeling aged because this symptom was usually associated with middle aged or older men with health issues. Sleep apnea does not go away on its own, as a matter of fact, it can get worse and result in dangerous life health issues. Untreated apnea can cause, many of the following:

> fatigue
> memory loss
> depression
> weight gain
> stroke
> body aches, like migraines
> low libido
> impotence

Reverse Sexual Dysfunction With CPAP
Many young men and middle aged men found that even though they enjoyed a healthy sex life, their sleep apnea caused their sexual desire to decline, only because they could not see themselves wearing a mask on their face in bed. Today, physicians still tout the improvement in a man's testosterone levels and sexual improvement with a CPAP therapy. Research has shown that sleep apnea can cause erectile dysfunction symptoms, yet with a CPAP treatment, it can actually be reversed.

Modern CPAP Devices
Now, thanks to modern medical advancements, there are chic, modern looking CPAP units, some that even have a built-in mp3 player and alarm clock. CPAP units are now smaller, lighter, and thinner, allowing men to place them in their night stands or without embarrassment, leave them out. What's more important to men, how you look in bed with a CPAP or how energetic and happy you'll feel in the morning, besides, failing health is not attractive on anyone. A CPAP sleep apnea treatment might boost men's sex lives, only if they use it. CPAP therapy will stop a man from snoring, kicking, or gasping, as he lays next to a beautiful woman and it will give them both a peaceful night's sleep.

How CPAP Works?
The function of a CPAP machine, is to increases the air pressure in the throat, keeping the airways open when we breathe in. A CPAP unit should be used every night will men sleep. A CPAP machine is equipped with prongs that fit into the nose, a mask that covers the nose and mouth or a mask that covers the nose only which is called “nasal continuous positive airway pressure,” (“NCPAP”). CPAP technology has various models, depending on what a man feels comfortable wearing. There are some that have automatically adjustable air pressure systems. Doctors tout the use of CPAP devices because it is the most nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea that is guaranteed to improve a man's sex life.

CPAP Gives Men A New Sex On Life
Granted, using a CPAP unit, is a little strange at first. Modern masks are designed with a smaller frame and they even have colorful headgear in soft, varied pastel colors. The CPAP headgear is also hair friendly, but you may awaken with slight mask strap marks on your face, but it will disappear. Because sleep apnea is a medical problem, a CPAP can still help you find Ms. Right or help make you the husband and sexual beast you once were.

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