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Sleek Technique Interview

Sleek Technique
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I was introduced to Sleek Technique earlier this year while they were in New York at Sweaty Betty teaching their Ballet Boot Camp class. It was truly an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to switch up their workout routine. Although this dynamic duo is in the UK you can still continue your sleek fitness routine via their virtual training classes. Continue reading to learn more about the founders and the benefits of Sleek Technique.

Why do you think Ballet/Barre classes have become so popular?

Ballet is being recognized as the athletic art form it is. Adding this element of artistry to exercise means it becomes far more interesting to do regularly so you want to keep doing it long term. Aside from getting your body in dancer-like shape, our Sleek Technique ballet inspired workouts have a strong focus in muscle symmetry, good posture and injury prevention. These things translate even outside of the studio - our Sleekers even stand and move in a more balletic way.

What makes Sleek Technique unique in comparison to your competitors?

Our delivery - our Sleek classes are live and interactive online so you see and hear your trainer on your laptop and vice versa throughout class, wherever you are in the world. Our attention to correct technique and form means you will get the most out of every exercise - Sleek Technique is about working smarter. Sleek is also developed specifically for women unlike many methods which are actually designed for men and adapted for women after.

With bikini season just around the corner which SleekTechnique move can help with mid-section bulge?

Our signature toe to arabesque twists are fantastic for streamlining the midsection by working the abdominals in a lengthened diagonal direction, giving you a leaner, flatter look.
We are running a fantastic 10 day trial membership for everyone wanting to get bikini fit fast this summer. Go to for more info.

What are some other forms of fitness you enjoy partaking in?

Actually we definitely practice what we preach and are in Sleek classes everyday whether leading them or joining ourselves to get our exercise. We might start the day with a half hour Ballet Body class or Barre Technique and end with a Flex & Stretch session. We make sure we mix these up in the week with more focused workouts on either the Abs or upper body to get an overall conditioning regime. We will practice yoga if we have time because it aligns well with our ballet training and more importantly relaxes mind and body after a busy day in the Sleek virtual studio.

What is your go to snack!

Victoria: I love Aloe Water and edamame beans. I've got a sweet tooth so occasionally you will find me tucking into a KitKat!

Flik: I love Nookie Bars They taste amazing and are vegan friendly. And toasted rye bread dipped in hummus makes me happy too!

What's next for SleekTechnique?

Exciting things! We are looking to put our Ballet Bootcamp class into select gyms across the US and UK and expand our Sleek Technique online members across the globe. A Sleek Technique training accreditation is hopefully around the corner too to get more great Sleek trainers out there to deal with the demand for our amazing classes!

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