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Sleazy Redditors raise money for cancer via Jennifer Lawrence's leaked pics

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Getty Images

The internet was just short of exploding earlier this week when a hacker leaked private nude photos of female celebrities onto the world wide web. Some of the starlets included Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne and Kate Upton and it is believed that the photos were extracted from a cloud memory storage system, even including photos that some of the women say they deleted a long time ago. It's undeniable that this incident is a gross violation of privacy and an ever grosser comment on some people's willingness or eagerness to take a peek at these women in what they believed to be private and intimate moments.

But at least one sort of good thing came out of all of this. According to a post made yesterday in a Reddit thread sleazily named r/TheFappening (yeah, it's seriously called that and there are seriously real live people following it. Ew.), which is dedicated to neck-bearded nerds on the internet getting their fedoras hot to pictures of female celebrities, the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence on the thread have prompted an influx of donations to prostate cancer. The idea here is that masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer, and sincere apologies for putting the image of Redditors masturbating in your head.

The thread has raised more than 5k over the weekend and is currently the first place fundraiser in Safeway's $1 Million Matching Grant Challenge. So way to go Redditors, this is the closest you'll ever get to a woman and while it's not the Ice Bucket Challenge, you raised money for a worthwhile cause.