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SLCC FanX: Sean Patrick Flanery gets gritty and honest

Sean Patrick Flanery talks "Boondock Saints" at FanX
Sean Patrick Flanery talks "Boondock Saints" at FanX
Courtesy of Dan Farr Productions

From the gritty Tarantinoesque violence to the to the dark humor and performances, The Boondock Saints is a modern cult classic loved by millions worldwide.

To celebrate this, FanX managed to bring Sean Patrick Flanery to an eager packed house at the Salt Palace's Ballroom, Flanery, with Saints costar David Della Rocco moderating the panel, proved he's not quite a saint. Delightfully dropping obscenities while regaling the audience with filthy stories involving Saints behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes about Della Rocco and other costar Norman Reedus (who had to cancel his FanX appearance due a constrictive filming schedule) that were a bit too risque to print, though highly entertaining to listen to.

“We were like a bunch of friends just filming boy sh--,” Flanery said as he energetically paced the stage as he answered fan questions. “I've known Reedus for some time, and instantly loved Rocco. It was like they just gave the three of us a camera and sent us to another country to film a movie.”

While he clearly had a problem taking himself seriously, Flanery was truly humble when talking about his experiences as an actor. Though little was mentioned about his run on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (as the program guide mentioned), Flanery talked at great length about his other films, such as Powder and the SyFy Channel original film Mongolian Death Worm.

“I'm the most expendable person in the world,” Flanery admits. “When things get rough financially for the country, sometimes I'm the person who loses his job first. So it still blows me away that people are willing to pay me to do the thing I love, and that I get to come and talk to audiences like this.”

Flanery also got to talk about his non-film related passion, his website, which started as a blog about his martial arts studios out in California.

“It started as a health blog for my martial arts studios,” he explained, “but quickly evolved from that. I figured, why not make it about everyday life? So now it's a collective of people sharing stories about life and, while it's not preachy like something Gwyneth Paltrow would do, it's meant to inspire people to, as the website says, shine on until tomorrow.”

Sean Patrick Flanery will be signing autographs throughout FanX, as will fellow Boondock Saints star David Della Rocco.

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