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Slaying the Demon of Self-Importance: Esoteric Passion

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Getting Raw, Real and Rambunctious

Passion! Unadulterated, unstoppable, uninhibited, unblemished, undeniable sublime incomparable zeal, causing one thigh to be thrust forward and followed by the other in an incomparable fashion of indisputable balance, is what we are enraptured with/by/on and for our life’s journey on Earth. An overwhelming molecular ‘bio-physical emotional’ electrical rush of incalculable measure and extraordinary involuntary brain activated muscular effort cause the legs to move forward in the process of walking.

And, so too are we motivated involuntarily to do the things we do, as a physical human being, without thought, concept or concern; such as breathing, eliminating from our bowels, eating, urinating, the prodigious use of all of our five senses, sleeping and of course, thinking. Infinite consciousness precedes all of these miraculous human activities; the sustainable result is that we are vivaciously alive!

So incredulously alive, filled to overflowing capacity with sacred sensual sexual artistic energy, we could shout from the roof tops each and every hour of the day without recourse, rectification, or recompense and still be exhilarated from the sheer intoxicating magnitude and divine sublime gracious beauty of it!

So why all the glum, hum drum and bum dumb in our demeanors and attitudes? What’s wrong with us? We are the most sensuously fulfilled specimens on Earth. The bottom line is: self-importance. The siphoning irresolute demon drains the fused life from our blood pumping hearts.

Self-importance depletes, desecrates and decapitates our precious ruthless soul leaving us in a state of paranoid frenzy. We begin to believe our own self-projected lies of how significant we are, and how much we contribute to welfare of those around us. We invite the honor of those ‘not so deserving’ people to courteously be in our presence. We convince ourselves we have something significant to say and that ‘they’ need to hear it.

We feel we are essential to the family, career, relationship and/or emotional well-being of others. We silently pat ourselves on the backs while silently congratulating those who are worthy enough to be in our intellectual presence.

Woe be unto those who don’t appreciate, acknowledge and treat us with the revered respect we so earnestly deserve! How dare they diminish our importance, demean our contribution and deny our excellence. Have they been asleep?

Do they not know who they are dealing with? Why: We are the ones who make the difference and we should be recognized for our endearing loving efforts in vested time, energy and money. But, IF these refined suppositions are true, why are we so unhappy, unsettled and unfulfilled? Bottom line: we are sick to death of the sound of our own reverberating stagnated voice of importance. Somewhere deep down in the very base ‘gut instinct’ of our sacred being, we realize we don’t want or need all of that nauseous attention. We are satiated without the fanfare and glittery show!

We are really quite simple unfettered human beings who simply want the opportunity to learn what it is like to be really human. But how does one do that in this world of spoon fed media consumed idolatry of supposed importance with the consuming drive to ‘be somebody’? We must stop. Get off the train bound for self-destruction. Remember how to listen and hear what the ‘still small voice’ in our GUT is whispering.

“It’s ok to be in the gutter.” “It’s perfectly alright not to know the answers, receive the benefits and brandish the accolades.” It’s beyond wonderful not to need to be accommodated and applauded. ”We can bypass the vexation of the sprite whose temperature has been boiled to exploding by the unnecessary trinkets and trivialities offered in exchange of authentic passion. Why cause such unrest to produce a turbulent heart and noxious mind? No need for such stupidity and frivolity.

The ‘still small voice’ in the GUT is pure raw unadulterated divine instinct. It is where sacred sensual sexual artistic passion originates. It is the key to unexcelled enthusiasm. And, we all KNOW that sublime hallowed sexual energy is the highest form of spiritual energy available to mankind, right? Right there deep down in the gutter of unshielded unexpressed zest reigns the sanctified Solar Plexus; where true innocence dwells and where beguilement never even visits.

This is the ubiquitous filling station where “the first shall be last and the last shall be first” roam freely. We must be willing to receive ourselves nakedly undressed of all of the superficialities. Completely raw and real, without question of 'what will come from it' or 'if I do this will be better off’. Better off than what? Than your actual indescribable passionate sacred sensual sexual attractive eagerness for true electrified living?

We must learn to trust and obey our own inner most instincts when every aspect (including people we say we love the most who mouths the same words of adoration) in the reasonable world we say do otherwise. We must dethrone the fiend of self-importance. Cast him into the sea of forgetfulness to be torn asunder in his own self-projected blazoned glory.

We, on the other hand, choose to be free of even a smidgen smell of arrogance, pride, grievous envy, gluttony, conceit, superiority, egotism, vanity and self-deceit. We’ll run through the streets in full ‘natural and convenient’ authentic attire proclaiming the wicked old witch is dead. Long live
the gusto filled passionate imp of unbridled soul’s sacred sensual sexual artistic blooming fragrant obsession!

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