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'Slaughter Sue' Wallis, Dead at Age 56

Sue Wallis, Wyoming Legislator and Avid Pro-Horse Slaughter Propent, Dies at Age 56
R.T. Fitch

Four-term Wyoming state lawmaker Rep. Sue Wallis, died Tuesday from unknown causes. Ms. Wallis was 56 years old.

Wallis is best known to horse lovers as a leader in the movement to return horse slaughter for human consumption to US soil. Dubbed 'Slaughter Sue' by anti-horse slaughter advocates, was a very vocal proponent of the hotly debated subject of returning horse slaughter plants to the U.S. She has been instrumental in promoting the horse slaughter agenda throughout the country.

As a representative who blended both Libertarian and Republican principles into her politics, Wallis sponsored legislation to reopen horse slaughter plants across the country.

Ms. Wallis was often criticized for distorting and misrepresenting horse industry statistics to promote her agenda. Justifying horse slaughter as a way to prevent horses being abandoned and starved, her facts were often refuted by organizations such as The Equine Welfare Alliance.

Although many in the Wyoming agricultural community mourn her passing, anti-horse slaughter advocates view her death as a step closer to ending all efforts to bring horse slaughter back to the U.S.

Wyoming GOP’s Central Committee from Campbell County will provide three names of candidates to replace Ms. Wallis' position. Commissioners will then choose an appointee before the session begins Feb. 10.

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