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Slash zombies as you run through a dojo

You are resting in your dojo, until out of nowhere zombies invade your dojo. Now it's up to you to use your ninja skills of dodging, ducking, dashing, and slashing as you clear these zombies out of your dojo. You have a variety of items to help you, including a Shadow Cloak to protect you from the zombies. Obtaining powerup scrolls will aid you in defeating the zombies. Use the coins you collect to unlock additional characters. As you play through the game, you could earn achievements, so start running and see how many zombies you can defeat.

Ninja Slash Images
Paul Iuzzolino


This game plays like Temple Run; the only difference is you are fighting zombies instead of avoiding obstacles in a temple environment. The ninja moves like a real ninja in the game, flying through the air and slashing enemies with ease. The introduction to the game is done well; you learn how to use the controls to kill the zombies and dodge obstacles. You also learn about what buttons to press to defeat certain zombies. For instance, some zombies are tall, so you have to jump to kill them. Other zombies are smaller, so you have to duck to destroy them. Some zombies have to be avoided, so you learn how to dodge them. Once the introduction is done, you start off on your run. The obstacles are really fun to avoid in this game; as you run, big zombies start running running toward you. The first few are easy to avoid, but as you run further, they become harder to avoid. The scroll powerups help you a lot during the course of the game.
The first scroll powerup lets you shoot demonic lighting bolts at the zombies. The flame scroll powerup will light up your sword in flames, doubling your combo count. Getting a gold scroll powerup will attract all the gold coins to you. When you obtain a wind scroll powerup, you can shoot ninja stars at the zombies. Some of these scroll powerups don't appear right in front of you; most of them appear to the side of you, so make sure to always look all over the environment to make use of them. The ninja's speed increases at a good pace throughout the game, as do the obstacles. The obstacle that comes up pretty quick is the gaps, and you have to time the jump to make the gap. If people enjoyed playing Temple Run, then this game will be just as fun and challenging to play.

Game Mechanics:

The ninja moves effortlessly throughout the environment, and doesn't stumble or fall. The ninja uses his moves nicely in the game; he automatically slashes the enemies as he runs. To slash the tall enemies, you have to use either the up or down arrows. The ninja makes the high areas in a flash and takes out the enemies in a flash as well. The scroll powerups work the instant you grab them, and they last for a fair amount of time. The zombies do a good job of trying to stop you, especially the ones that run towards you. The tall enemies are designed in a unique way, and some of them are placed in between the small zombies, and thus are hard to avoid.


The controls are really easy to adapt to, and after you play one time, you pretty much can master them. The ducking, dodging, and jumping moves work great with the controls; as soon as you press the corresponding buttons, the ninja will instantly perform the move.


The dojo environments look like authentic dojos, with sliding doors and paper walls. One of the environments is outside, and the dojo has a Chinese look to it, with a spiral wall and shingles. You could also see Chinese style lamps hanging from polls. Another outside environment has bamboo sticks along the sides, and they have a burnt green look to them that fits with the theme of the game. The zombies do look like real zombies, with glassy eyes and missing teeth.

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