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'Slap-ass Friday': Disturbing tradition at middle school sparking protest today

Slap-ass Fridays: Disturbing tradition at middle school will finally stop, or at least have consequences.
Slap-ass Fridays: Disturbing tradition at middle school will finally stop, or at least have consequences.
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“Slap-ass Fridays” is a trend that occurs every Friday during the school year at a Las Vegas middle school, which consists of the kids slapping each other on the rear end. This so-called trend is something that needs to be taken seriously and it needs to stop, according to one of the parents who is protesting this slap-ass Friday activity.

A student’s legal guardian is protesting this activity by keeping her seventh grader out of school on Fridays until the school officials put an end to it, according to KLAS CBS News on April 3. Denise Delucia wants action to be taken against the students who participate in the slap-ass Friday prank.

Delucia, who is a legal guardian of a girl in this middle school, refuses to send the girl into school on Friday to be accosted. The school officials said they are aware of Delucia's concerns and they are taking appropriate actions.

Apparently slap-ass Fridays is not a new concept or recent trend in this school. When CBS News interviewed former students of this school, who are now in high school, they said it had been going on for a long time. One of the high school students interviewed by the news crew said that she use to think it was in good fun, but now she sees it as inappropriate touching.

Tasha Rasmussen, now 17, told KLAS that slap-ass Friday happened “every single Friday for every single week of every single month throughout the whole entire year.” She said it needs to be stopped by someone from the school stepping in and handing out consequences for this action.

Officials from the Clark County School District say that they are aware of Delucia’s concerns and now they are taking action against this “so-called tradition.” The district has a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to physical violence.

They now plan to take disciplinary action against the perpetrators of slap-ass-Friday. Could it be that this school considered the kids smacking each other on the backside just participating in a tradition on Fridays? The former students were aware of the tradition, but was the school?

It doesn't sound as if the school officials have known about this for the years that it has gone on, because they would have used the zero-tolerance policy to stop it a long time ago. It wouldn't make sense for the school to wait for a parent’s threats of keeping their child home before addressing this inappropriate behavior.

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