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Skyzomba II - Dance in any other language

Skyzomba II is set to hit Dance Bethesda April 25 - 27, 2014. This is an opportunity to learn some unique dance styles and, perhaps, even some of the culture associated with the dance.

Skyzomba II Flyer
Skyzomba II Flyer

There will be 6 dance styles highlighted in Skyzomba II and bootcamps will give you a crash courses in different styles of dance.

  1. Kizomba - a slow, sensual dance which is a mixture of semba, zouk from the French West Indies, and the tango. Kianda T. (DC) and Kevin B (DC) will host a bootcamp while Ivo (L.A.) and Shani (L.A.) will perform.
  2. Zouk - a slow, flowing, sensual dance with a predominant upper body movement. Ivo (L.A.) and Shani (L.A.) will perform.
  3. Tarraxinha - a very erotic, sensual, slow version of kizomba. Miguel Monteiro (Portugal) and Kianda T. (DC) will perform.
  4. Semba - a dance of partners. Sometimes the male leads, and sometimes the woman does. The tempo of the music is usually pretty fast-paced yet sensual. N. Py (Angola) and Lily (Detroit) will host a bootcamp. Miguel Monteiro (Portugal) and Kianda T. (DC) will perform.
  5. Kuduro - an energetic, uptempo Angolan dance. N. Py (Angola) and Lily (Detroit) will host a bootcamp.
  6. Soukous - mixes kwasa-kwasa and zouk for a unique movement involving a winding of the waist and movement of the feet. Brayo (Kenya) will perform.

This is a great opportunity to see how the dance should be done and learn from some of the best in the industry in these dance fields. For more information email or