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Skyreaping from 'Born of the Gods' revealed

Skyreaping from "Born of the Gods"
Wizards of the Coast

Today Jan. 13, 2014 Kelly Digges revealed Skyreaping, one of the newest "Magic: The Gathering" cards spoiled from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set "Born of the Gods" in an article on This green uncommon sorcery spell can have a sweeping impact on the battlefield.

Skyreaping - 1G
Sorcery (Uncommon)
Skyreaping deals damage to each creature with flying equal to your devotion to green. (Each G in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to green.)

The beauty of Skyreaping is that it can potentially deal a ton of damage for such a small mana cost, provided you have a significant devotion to green. Skyreaping will be a powerful card in limited, and is the last card your opponent will want to see you cast if they control an Archetype of Imagination.

Skyreaping will makes an excellent sideboard option for constructed decks that find themselves susceptible to fliers. Granted green players have access to threats like Skylasher and Arbor Colossus, Skyreaping can potentially take out multiple creatures at once. Under the right circumstances that's a huge amount of card advantage, vastly shifting the game around in your favor.

How will you use Skyreaping?

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