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Skype on Xbox One gets Snapped

Skype on Xbox One Snapped
Skype on Xbox One Snapped
Xbox PR

Pardon me if you think this is biased but the Xbox One has some really great features. One of them is the ability to Snap things while you’re gaming or watching movies/TV. The biggest omission with the Snap feature is that Skype was never part of it. But that has changed. You can finally Snap the Skype app on Xbox One.

With this update, you now have the option of keeping your games or movies as the stars of the screen. Once you are in a voice or video call, you can control the call within Snap, whether you want to add another friend to the call, turn the camera off or hang up, all without leaving your other activity.

This adds a new level of enjoyment to the Xbox One and one that continues to add value to the console. Say what you will but this console is impressive with the things you can do while you game. I have faith in Microsoft that they’ll continue to improve it with new and exciting features.

Xbox, Snap Skype!