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Skyman returns to the skies as part of Dark Horse Comics’ ‘Project Black Sky’

The government’s secret weapon against tyranny and evil has been exposed. The Skyman Program has provided the military with a super powered soldier for decades. Now thanks to a rogue operative the cover for the program has been blown off. The government, to their credit, is releasing all details on this program while introducing the newest hero to wear the Skyman uniform.

A look inside the premiere issue of Dark Horse's latest comic in the "Project Black Sky" line of books.
Freddie Williams II and Dan Scott
Cover artwork to the variant edition of "Skyman" #1.
Freddie Williams II and Dan Scott

The story regarding the Skyman Program can be found in the pages of Dark Horse Comics“Skyman” #1 by writer Joshua Fialkov with pictures by Manuel Garcia. It is all part of Dark Horse’s “Project Black Sky,” the publisher’s own imprint of superhero comic books.

Fialkov first delves into the man who previously wore the Skyman Suit and it is easy to see why he is no longer wearing it. His actions and words are unbecoming of a soldier of the United States. This leads the men in charge of the Skyman Program to find another Skyman, one that is suitable to overcome the negativity of his predecessor, someone a little more politically correct.

Enter Marine Sergeant Eric Reid who was the last person anyone would expect to take up such a noble role for his country. With the deck stacked against him following his last mission in Kandahar, Reid has no small task in rehabilitating the image of Skyman, not the least of his worries is his superior officer the man who was passed over for the job due to the color of his skin.

With “Skyman” #1 Fialkov scratches the surface of the character of Sergent Reid. The details are slowly pouring in and there is a glimpse of why this man was chosen above others for the job. He is an endearing character because of the obstacles he must overcome in his life just to get through the day. The people around him from his wife, to his superior officer, to General Abernathy the man who chose him for the job all provide insight into this man while filling out a supporting cast that adds to the story.

Garcia’s artwork is able to show the frailty of Reid while at the same time conveying the characters inner strength and determination to overcome the obstacles in his life. As Skyman takes off you see the thrill these superpowers bring that would wow not just a man like Reid but any person walking the Earth. The artwork paces out the story at a good tempo while creating a flow to the pictures that are easy to follow.

While the secrets to the Skyman Program may never be fully revealed, “Skyman” #1 gives a glimpse into the beginnings of a brand new hero. Eric Reid’s past will have a definite impact on how he uses the powers bestowed upon him, but will jealousy from the solider passed over for the part be Reid’s downfall? Fialkov and Garcia look to continue to tell this story in this new series.

Find “Skyman” #1 and the other “Project Black Sky” titles at your nearest comic book retailer. Click here to find your local store.

“Skyman” #1 is also available digitally through Dark Horse Digital.

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