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'Skyforge' to host millions of players on each shared server by region

One of the many skylines in 'Skyforge.'
One of the many skylines in 'Skyforge.'
Photo courtesy of fortyseven, used with permission.

There are two primary choices that every MMO player needs to make before they start on their endless journey: what class they wish to play and what server their experience will take place on. Both are relatively huge decisions to make with a class being a commitment involving a great amount of effort and a server being a relatively innocent choice that sometimes involves monetary compensation if you choose to change your mind.

Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment are going to eliminate one of those when their MMORPG Skyforge launches. We had a chance to talk with Development Director, Eric Demilt regarding the title's ability to have every player on one shared server.

"We can get millions of people on one shared server, that's by region though," Demilt admits.

"We haven't beaten latency, the speed of light is still the speed of light," he jests, "we're not that good."

The ramifications of this are pretty large and are contrary to the way many other MMOs handle servers.

"The idea is so that if you're playing in North America West, everybody in that region is going to be in there with you. It's awesome, it's great for PvP queues."

Demilt continues, "It's great for going into the game and usually you pick a server based on ping, where your friends are, a lot of those early game choices we're trying to remove."

With Skyforge launching at the incredible price of free, it looks as if Allods Team is setting itself up for success, maximizing the potential audience and keeping everything open, accessible, and user friendly.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Signups for beta are now open on

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