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Skydiver plane collision: 87-year-old skydiver survives plane collision

A skydiver and plane collision near Tampa, Florida was extremely frightening but both the skydiver and the pilot of the plane are okay. On March 10, MSN News reported that the jumper's parachute somehow got entangled with the plane that he jumped out of, sending both him and the plane down. Despite the severity of the situation, both the pilot of the plane and the skydiver survived.

The skydiver was an 87-year-old WWII veteran who was performing a "touch and go" landing. On the plane's third pass, something went terribly wrong and both men were seen crashing to the ground (check out the video above).

The skydiver / plane collision could have been far worse and people can't even believe that both men were okay following the crash. The pilot was taken to the hospital and admitted for observation and the skydiver was treated for "minor injuries" -- which may be the most surprising part. Not many people can say that they collided with an airplane and hit the ground surviving with only "minor injuries."

"I'm lucky to still be here. It could have been much worse for me... As I came down all I could see was the spinning propeller and wanted to avoid that at all costs," explained the skydiver of the accident (via Newsy).

The skydiver's plane collision may or may not keep him from jumping again -- do you think he will continue skydiving after this ordeal?

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