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Skydive 35-See both Dallas and Fort Worth from one open sky

Skydive 35 in flight just south of Dallas/Fort Worth.
Skydive 35 in flight just south of Dallas/Fort Worth.
Kena Sosa

Skydive 35, located just south of Dallas on Interstate 35 offers views from the sky like no other including a 360 degree look at the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth at once. On especially clear days, skydivers can even see Waco and nearby lakes.

Skydive 35 flies a KingAir E90 which is a fast jump plane and allows us to take customers on High Altitude Tandems to 17,500 ft if they wish. When the weather is fair, the skies are open for skydiving. With a sky as wide and expansive as it is in Texas, skydiving from the same spot is cutting oneself short of an unforgettable experience.

About 1,200 people per year take the plunge either tandem or solo with Skydive 35. Tandem jumps cost $219, other options are available online. As with most skydiving companies, ground school is required before suiting up, regardless of whether you are going tandem or solo.

Eventually, Skydive 35 may offer an AFF (Accelerated Freefall) program is intended for those who wish to further develop their skills or advance their skydiving career or certification on a faster track. Until then, Skydive 35 is ready to sign you up for your first, or hundred and first skydive now.