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Sky Sox: a rich history of baseball and charity

Sox the Fox
Sox the Fox
Security Service Field photo by Jon Adams
Security Service Field photo by Jon Adams

For over 20 years, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox have brought baseball to the region, giving baseball enthusiasts a place to watch minor league players develop before they go to the majors. The Sky Sox franchise has a rich history that began back in 1903 as the Sacramento Salons. At that time, the Salons were one of the original teams to play in the Pacific Coast League (PCL). In 1961, the team was relocated to Honolulu and renamed the Islanders until the end 1987 season when they were moved to Colorado Springs.

In 1988, the Sky Sox as we know them today began play at Sky Sox Stadium which was built privately by the Elmore Group. Later, the stadium was renamed Security Service Field. Security Service Field sits at 6,351 feet above sea level which makes it the highest professional ballpark in the United States. The name Sky Sox is in honor of the Colorado Springs’ Western League Sky Sox which played at Memorial Park from 1950-1958.

After the arrival of the Colorado Rockies in 1993, the Sky Sox became the top AAA affiliate for the Rockies. During the ’92 and ’95 seasons, the Sky Sox won PCL titles.

Since their inception, Minor League Baseball and the Sky Sox have a great history of supporting local charities, giving millions of dollars away annually to charities like the ALS Association, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and the Special Olympics.

Most importantly is the Sky Sox mascot known as Sox the Fox who is truly an attraction in himself. He draws fans of all ages, and it’s great fun to watch him taunt the opposing team.

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