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Skunks love living in Denver


         A resident of this skunk-friendly city

It was fun observing Denver wildlife over the summer. Foxes romping in the backyard frightening feral cats. Awakening at 3:00am by the sound of a coyote snacking on a cat making an unforgettable noise. Finding a squirrel tail in the backyard. Didn't that coyote's mother tell her pup to clean its plate? And skunks. Skunks everywhere.

So where did the skunks come from? According to Ashley DeLaup, an environmentalist for the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation, wildlife is taking advantage of the resources available in an urban environment. This year has been unusually wet and all the rain has provided green grass, soft soil and plenty of insects, worms and grubs in the city of Denver. Wildlife can find find better food and shelter in an urban area this year than they can out on the prairie.

A family of skunks dug a hole under the storage shed and spent much of August and September nocturnally feasting in the backyard. No doubt they came to the city from the prairie seeking a better life, but it's time they move on. A rag soaked in ammonia was placed around the rim of the skunk hole, stinking out the little stinkers. Like fighting fire with fire.

Now they're somebody else's problem.