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'Skullkickers' creator wants you to come out and play in August 2014


Earlier today on Twitter, creator Jim Zub (Skullkickers) teased an announcement of a new creator-owned series for Image comics coming this August. Zub has worked on comics ranging from the Street Fighter franchise to Samurai Jack, but he is best known as the creator of the comical Skullkickers series at Image. With his unique and witty sense of character dialogue, Zub has developed quite a fanbase for Skullkickers. In early March this year, it was announced that he would be heading a Marvel comic titled "Figment" based on the Disney Epcot Center attraction, “Journey into the Imagination” featuring the characters Dreamfinder and Figment.

Come out and Play
Image Comics

What does this new teaser mean? It appears to be a girl holding two barbed sticks surrounded by cats. We can exclude “Figment” as that project belongs to Marvel and this is his own creator-owned series for Image. Whatever it may be, Jim Zub wants you to be excited about it and be ready to come out and play. If his track record implies anything, this will be another fun ride for readers.