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Skullcandy launches headphones for women

New women's headphone collection
New women's headphone collection

Skullcandy has launched a line of totally girly headphones that are fashionable and fun. The three collections: Knockout headphones, Bombshell earbuds and Dime earbuds come in three distinctive designs called Floral, Robin or Geo. There's a style for every.

The Skullcandy for women were created with great detail, come with their own matching carrying cases, and are acoustically tuned for women. Supposedly, men and women hear differently and the audio in these female headphones were created for just that reason.

The sizes of each headphone and headset are sized to fit a woman's ear and head better. The headband to the headphones were engineered to reduced the clamping so it won't mess up your hair.

Skullcandy for woman are a stylish alternative to regular boring earphones.