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Skullcandy and Astro Gaming to produce 'Halo' audio products

Astro Gaming and Halo
Astro Gaming and Halo
Photo courtesy of Astro Gaming, used with permission.

Today June 5, 2014 Skullcandy and Astro Gaming announced a new multi-year partnership with 343 Industries to create Halo branded audio products. Skullcandy and Astro Gaming will create a wide range of gear, from headsets and speaker tags to more "in support of the latest releases within the Halo universe."

"To date, more than 60 million copies of Halo games have been sold worldwide, driving more than 5 billion hours of gameplay by people connected to Xbox Live."

According to a prepared statement by Aron Drayer, the VP of marketing for Astro Gaming and Skullcandy Gaming:

Few game franchises have ever pushed the boundaries of our imagination quite like Halo. With its robust online multiplayer features, compelling storyline, incredibly detailed gameplay audio and inspiring musical score -- Halo delivers at every level. ASTRO Gaming and Skullcandy are well-known for our ability to deliver unsurpassed audio fidelity with a distinctly gaming-centric point of view. Our goal is to take the Halo experience to an entirely new level with a recreation of the franchise’s signature sound and booming score exactly as it was intended by the developer.

No other details were given, however it's safe for us to bet there will be both a corded and wireless headset options for gamers to choose from at a wide range of prices, given that Skullcandy products tend to be less expensive than the Astro Gaming counterparts.

Astro Gaming is known for making premium headsets. Their current line features the wireless A50 Headset, the A40 Headset and MixAmp Pro, the A38 Bluetooth ANC mobile headset, the A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, and the Transport series of gaming gear bags.

For more information about Skullcandy or ASTRO Gaming, please visit or

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