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Skull and Bones at Yale University

Skull and Bones on Yale campus
Skull and Bones on Yale campus
Jai Waltz

Of course, Yale is a pretty university campus in New Haven, Connecticut, especially in the fall with the leaves blending with the color of the buildings. But the most popular building on the Yale campus happens to have many conspiracy theories behind it. This is the building of the Skull and Bones.

Although it is the most famous building on campus, it blends in rather well so one has to know what he is looking for in order to spot it. It is not marked with an address. But it is the most quiet building in the area. If one stands even for half an hour, no one walks in. No one also comes out. If someone knocks on the door, will someone answer?

Skull and Bones members include many politicians, including both George Bush's and John Kerry. So perhaps it is true that the Democrats and Republicans are not so different after all. There has to be a common denominator between people in order to endure the same odd rituals of being around coffins and sharing intimate details of their past lives, including sex history, with other people over a time span lasting all through college.

Skull and Bones was founded in 1832. Since then, it has evolved to become multicultural and allows even homosexuals in its secret society. But one thing is for sure. No Bonesman or Boneswoman can talk about what goes on at the tomb. Because of this and its ties to many political elite in the U.S. government, it will continue to be the obsession of many conspiracy theorists. But at least from the outside, it is a neat looking building full of mystery.