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Skrillex streams new album within Alien Ride app

The Alien emoji with Skrillex logo
The Alien emoji with Skrillex logo

Fans of DJ and dubstep artist Skrillex have discovered that his new album Recess, is fully available to stream within the mobile game Alien Ride. The game is available in both Google Play and iTunes stores for free. All eleven tracks from the upcoming album are available to stream within the game, for a limited time. Except for a few instances of Skrillex’s logo showing up, there is no real mention of the artist.

Alien Ride is an Asteroid-like game, where players control a spaceship that automatically fires, while the player physically moves the phone to maneuver the ship. It’s a fairly simple design, but at the top of the screen, an “Access Granted” prompt will flash and players are taken to a series of alien faces and figures. When you tap one of the figures, it downloads the stream access to a particular song from Recess.

Also within the app is the option to pre-order the full album, making it instantly available at the time of release. The Bangarang artist recently hosted an AMA on reddit, discussing the album and even linking to short clips of songs. Recess is slated for release on March 18, 2014, and will be Skrillex’s debut studio album, with everything up to this point having been independent EP’s.