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Skratch Review


Your Fort Worth Pop Culture Examiner became interested in the business endeavors of Skratch Labs because we have a daily hydration issue and we are far too picky for the likes of the big name hydrators.

So, we gave Skratch Labs a shot and it turned out to be a positive one. Like the big names, we are not enamored by the fruit flavors, but, we do not care for fruits as we should. However, we are fond of lemons and can handle the Lemons and Limes flavor just fine.

This is the whole deal with Skratch Labs. One of the reasons why Dr. Lim created a line of hydrators was because he did not care for all of the sugar and the other extraneous ingredients found in the big name beverages. Hence, he started making his own.

Skratch Labs does the job, without all of the extra stuff that you didn't want in the first place.

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