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Skottie Young puts his spin on Rocket Raccoon in a wildly entertaining series

If you are looking to read the further adventures of “The Gunslingin’ Guardian of the Galaxy,” look no further than the “Rocket Raccoon” series from Marvel Comics written and drawn by Skottie Young with dazzling colors by Jean-François Beaulieu. Young and Beaulieu capture all the charm and humor of Rocket while also giving the fast-talking raccoon a multi-faceted story to sink his teeth into. The comic book reads like a classic Saturday morning cartoon with big, loud, spectacular scenes and settings that expound upon the movie’s break-out hero.

Skottie Young has instilled Rocket Raccoon with a lot of fun with his wild animated style.
Skottie Young
Skottie Young has a take on Rocket Raccoon that is reminiscent of classic Saturday morning cartoon heroes like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.
Skottie Young

Young gets right to it with a story that spotlights Rocket’s charms. While on a date at a wrestling match he gets identified for crimes he is not even sure he committed. Sure he has murdered before but those were “accounted for and justified.” This is a whole new ballgame that may mean Rocket is being framed and calls into question whether or not he is the last of his kind, as he is more than happy to say, repeatedly.

On top of that, Rocket’s past romantic dealings may be coming back to bite him in the tail. Young is throwing a lot of plots and subplots into the mix over the course of the first two issues that makes for a deeper story that also shows just how much hot water Rocket is in.

Young’s use of the multiple plots and multiple threats to Rocket allow for the writer/illustrator to enact the master-strategist aspect of Rocket’s personality. To get himself out of the frying pan Rocket knows he must first jump into the fire and it is all part of his plan, he just does not share the plan with anyone else.

An exciting, accessible story like the one Young has written would be enough, but to make this comic book a must read is his stunning artwork. Young’s illustrations evoke that classic cartoon feel where the heroes were not pristine but got down and dirty in their environments. Through the art Young conveys the humor and the excitement of Rocket. The character is expressive with big sharp-toothed grins and gaping open mouthed shots that show the characters shocked and awed moments.

Young also gets to play around with the relationship between Rocket and Groot as the walking tree gets to play the role of Rocket’s muscle and sidekick in the story.

When they were looking to spin the furriest character from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” into his own series, Marvel Comics had no choice but to have Young tackle “Rocket Raccoon.” Young is the award winning cartoonist and illustrator who worked on the New York Times Best-Selling “Oz” series for Marvel. His style screams fun and he delivers it in this series. Young’s artwork is only enhanced by the big and bright work of Beaulieu who makes the colors an integral part of the story.

The first two issues of “Rocket Raccoon” are available now both digitally and at your local comic book retailer.

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