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Skirts galore


Gray double knit skirt

I am a huge believer in finding comfortable and wearable skirts.  I have waited a long time to find the right fit and style for my body type.  Forever 21 has a huge selection in high waisted skirts.  They have traditional, classy, crazy, and plain old comfy. 

I was recently at the Forever 21, on State Street, and I was able to grab two highwaisted stretch knit skirts that do all the talking when they are on!  One is a bright royal blue while the other is a calssic gray, it is featured in the picture.  They were definitley a steal, $7.60.  It doesn't get much better than that. 

The skirts go good with plain t-shirts or tanks tucked in.  However, I wore the blue one with a large oversized silk flower printed top and a huge necklace, I recieved so many compliments, and the best part was that I wore it all day without feeling uncomfortble. The skirts can be manipulated to look dressy and worn with tights and leggings. I have not had any problems with the quality of the product which I know can be an issue when shopping at forever 21.  This product is a go! 

The store features a variety of colors and styles.  The "high-waist" is definitely a style that is going to continue for seasons to come. Pick up an eight dollar skirt because you can't go wrong.  They can be found online and in stores.