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Skirt Chaser

Running Skirts are where it is at
Running Skirts are where it is at

I used to think only people that played tennis wore skirts to work out. I, on the other hand, have always worked out in running shorts and whatever  tees I have cluttering my closet. Running in a skirt? Not for me. If I did that, next thing I’d be buying jodhpurs and a golf sweater vest.

However, recently I was browsing at a Lululemon website my favorite clothing store. I do this every thursday after I get the weekly update email of what is new on the site.  I live in this stuff because I teach pilates all day long.  The luon fabric they invented is the most amazing creation in my mind since sliced bread. When I spotted a skirt on sale in there "we made to much section" well, a little curious. It was the plaid number in the picture. I decided to try it out/

Of course, once it was on my body, it was a done deal. Now that I’ve been running in a skirt for a few months, I have to say, it’s actually a serious piece of running apparel. You know how shorts can sometimes ride up your inner thighs.  Say good by to the not good wedge situation. A skirt completely eliminates these problems.

Take these out for test run:

1. Lululemon Run/Jog Skirt, $54,
This is the one that originally got me hooked. It’s got it all—sweat-wicking material, pockets, and built-in lining.

2. Lotta Breeze Capris, $75,
Here’s a great year-round option. It’s got leggings attached for cooler months, or for a more modest look. There’s also a convenient spot for your music—carry your iPod in the pocket and feed the headphones up and out through a handy little hole.

3. Red Plaid Running Skirt, $58,
Stand out from the pack try Plaid is cute, or go crazy with leopard print.

4. SkirtSports WonderGirl Running Dress, $69,
You can step up the skirt with dress. 


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