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Skip the Valentine’s Day getaway, stay home with a romantic comedy

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Thinking about a Valentine’s Day romantic getaway with your partner? You may be interested in staying at home and watching a romantic comedy together. Not only can you save money but you could also save your marriage.

A study found that newlywed couples who watched and talked about relationship movies together reduced the divorce and separation rates from 24 to 11 percent in just three years. This approach is just as effective as intensive marriage counseling therapy and may cut the divorce rates in half!

Up to 50 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce while this figure is higher for subsequent marriages.

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It is presumed a romantic comedy can put couples in a good mood which removes tension in the atmosphere. They will not be defensive or angry to attack each other or start arguments which will permit amiable communication during or after the movie. This will allow the couples to begin conversations on what is acceptable behaviors in their own relationship on a harmless level.

Do you think your relationship could use some help and spending money on a Valentine’s Day getaway will only add to the relational tension? Grab a romantic comedy, make some popcorn and stay at home with your loved one!

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