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Skip Haynes donates song to Chicago pet project

Skip Haynes sings at Dog Day on the Green
Skip Haynes sings at Dog Day on the Green
Photo courtesy of Noreen Natale

Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah appeared in his hometown of Chicago this past Sunday as part of the city's Dog Day on the Green Festival.  The event was given for fun and education as a means of promoting responsible dog ownership.  Mr. Haynes offered more than entertainment for the cause. 

The lyrics of the 70s hit "Lake Shore Drive" were repurposed to fit the occasion, making it the official song of the event.  Mr. Haynes wrote the new lyrics as a message of dog adopting, along with Steve Dale of WLS Radio who was the MC for the event.  For a limited time, the proceeds from the song's sale will benefit Safe Humane Chicago in their battle to stop dog fighting and to promote pet adoption.

Will there be a reunion of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah?  Mr. Haynes hinted at it.  Perhaps by promoting this article and sales of the song "Dog Day on the Green" we can give the band some encouragement to do just that. 

Thanks for the concert and autograph!  The music was wonderful and the donated song was a wonderful touch.