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Skip downtown and go around town

It's Friday evening in Columbus, GA and the most-asked question at the bar is "What is there to do in this town?"

The most common response to this question is simple: Go downtown. Whether you call it downtown or uptown Columbus, Broadway St. is lined with popular bars, lounges, and clubs that are frequented every weekend. But Columbus is a big city, and there's far more to do than park it and walk along one street.

Off Buena Vista Rd., there's Club Andre's, where a 25 and older crowd adhere to dress codes and groove to hip-hop, R&B, and the classics. On Macon Rd., the newly-opened Sky bar and club promises to entertain with it's spot-lighted entry way and mirror-backed bar.

Closer to Columbus State, right on University Ave. there's Spices, where the floor is covered with sand and the Caribbean-style theme alludes to the best Mai-Tai ever tasted. Right around the corner, off Gentian Blvd., After 5 quietly entertains it's loyal crowd from Wednesday nights until the weekend.

Off Veteran's Parkway you can find restaurant bars such as T.G.I. Friday's and Buffalo Wild Wings open late serving appetizers and beer. But if you just want a good old-fashioned bar, Mama's Bar is right down Veteran's and The Shanty Shack and The Dawg House off Warm Springs Rd keep ice cold beer and plenty company.

It's Friday evening, and the answer to your question is there's a lot to do in this town. Grab your keys, your wallet, your ID, and your favorite cab driver's card and head out now! And if you can't find anything around, you can always go to Broadway.


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