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Skinner to Focus on Gun Violence, Rape Kits, as End of Legislative Session Nears

Officials with Assemblymember Nancy Skinner's (D-Berkeley) office say the lawmaker will focus on gun violence, rape kit testing and worker safety in the home stretch of the current legislative session.

Bill AB 1014 sets out a process for law enforcement, or a family member, to go to court to obtain a gun violence restraining order, keeping a person from accessing firearms, if that person is exhibiting signs of being at-risk for committing a violent act.

The bill could prevent the subject of an order from purchasing or having access to a firearm for one-year, with additional one-year renewal periods.

Bill AB 1517 would 'encourage' law enforcement agencies to submit to crime labs, within 10 days, forensic evidence from sexual assault cases (so-called 'rape kits') and attempts to speed up crime lab processing of the evidence kits.

The intent is to speed-up the processing of rape kits.

An audit conducted by the Alameda County District Attorney turned up more than 1,900 untested rape kits in the county.

Bill AB 1634, introduced by Skinner in February of this year, also aims to speed-up time frames, but for resolving workplace safety violations.

The bill would make it harder for employers to push back on violation notices during an appeal period, for violations that have been classified as serious, repeat serious, or willful serious.

The California legislature reconvened from summer recess today, and August 15th is the last day for fiscal committees to meet and report bills to the assembly floor.

August 22nd is the last day for bills to be amended on the floor, and August 31st is the last day for either the assembly or senate to pass bills.

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