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Skinks like to eat crickets and roaches

Young Skinks have blue tails
Young Skinks have blue tails

While crawly creatures may not be on everyone’s list of favorite reptiles, the Southeastern Five-striped skink can be found around homes in humid climates. Their diet consists of live insects like crickets, roaches and spiders.

The Plesstiodon inexpectatus or Southeastern Five-lined Skink is a beautiful specimen and the young have distinct blue tails at the end of their striped bodies. The male adult during the mating season has a large pink head but is a light brown color and stripes.

The female keeps her brown color and stripes throughout her life. Five-lined Skinks lay a clutch of 10 or so eggs that hatch in about a month. The female protects her eggs from predators.

Skinks can be kept in captivity given the right environment. A glass ten gallon tank makes a good habitat for this lizard. Place loose soil or mulch, flat rocks and small plants in the tank. You will need to include a small water dish. You will need a source of live insects for feeding your Skink. Bait Shops and some pet stores will have live crickets for sale. You may have to hunt down some grasshoppers and spiders in your gardens to supplement the Skinks diet.