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SkinCeuticals launches first SPF 50 broad spectrum protector for your eyes

We love you SkinCeuticals for all your fantastic products and even more since you announced the launch of your first SPF 50 broad spectrum eye base which we can’t wait to try. In a press release the company explained that the all-mineral formula is designed to protect the delicate eye area from the damaging effects of UV exposure . “It is developed with a universal tint to unify skin tone under the eye, providing an optimal base for smoother makeup application. With this introduction, SkinCeuticals has successfully formulated the highest SPF protective product on the market that addresses an extremely important gap in the sunscreen market – eye care.”

A product that serves and protects your eyes
Courtesy and permission to use by SkinCeuticals

According to Dr. Julie Woodward, Chief of Oculofacial Surgery at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, "The skin around the eyes should not be ignored because it is ten times thinner than facial skin, making it significantly more susceptible to UV damage. In fact, the eye area represents less than 1% of total body skin, yet skin cancers found in the eye lid region account for 10% of all skin cancers. Most alarming is that skin cancers in the eye area typically spread far more quickly than others due to the unique structure of the eye area, making this an important area of skin to protect."

"We strongly believe in our 'Prevent, Protect, and Correct' message and take sun protection very seriously," said Brenda Wu, general manager of SkinCeuticals. "Across the board, eye care products on the market did not offer high SPF protection to defend the delicate eye area against the damaging effects of the UV spectrum. It became evident that we needed to raise the bar and create a new standard of eye protection. As we further examined the unique skin around the eye, and the alarming statistics around its sensitivity and susceptibility to skin cancer, we were driven to create a product that offered the highest level of photoprotection. Beyond this, we faced the unique challenge where sunscreen application around the eyes becomes complicated due to potential irritation when product is inadvertently rubbed into, or migrates into the eye. Consequently, sun protection in general is skipped, leaving this vulnerable area unprotected. We are thrilled with what we developed – a safe and effective, cosmetically-elegant, all mineral sunscreen that can easily be incorporated daily into any beauty routine, used alone or under makeup."

SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50 sells for $30 at soft,mousse-like formula is made up of 100% mineral filters, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.,

In addition to protecting your eye area with a good sunscreen remember to always wear sunglasses with an SPF coating (my eye doctor insists on this).

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