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Skin imperfections corrected with vascular laser treatments

Vascular laser technology offers optimal results for pigment correction
Vascular laser technology offers optimal results for pigment correction
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There are a variety of skin lesions which are not harmful to a person. Yet, some may be visible and an individual may decide to seek the help of a board certified San Diego plastic surgeon for a consultation.

People seek plastic surgeons because they are in the business of aesthetics and remain on the cutting-edge of technology. Vascular laser treatments can help even out skin tone and offer a significant fading and disappearance in capillary and vein visibility.

These unwanted lesions, which are the root of problematic capillaries and blood vessels, can be treated with a vascular laser. Considered minimally invasive, with little to no down time, the procedure is performed in a doctor’s office.

It’s an excellent solution to restore an area on the body which has been affected by troublesome capillaries and blood vessels, which may have caused one or more of these conditions:

• Hemangiomas
• Rosacea
• Broken capillaries
• Spider veins
• Port wine stains

Likewise, a vascular laser treatment is also excellent to treat acne lesions and skin redness.

Because it is minimally invasive and effective, surgeons are utilizing it because it targets and removes the blood vessels or capillaries which produce these skin lesions and superficial veins.

Generally, these lesions can be found on different parts of the body, such as:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Legs

There are a variety of vascular laser treatments out there, so it’s important to discuss with a plastic surgeon during the consultation which one they use for a particular skin lesion. What makes the laser treatment successful is utilizing the correct levels of wavelengths, pulse time, and energy settings.

Rather than having one laser technology, some La Jolla plastic surgeons actually have access to an array of them. So, this is important to inquire about during the consultation, as well. Differing technology provides different goals.

The standard rule of thumb for vascular laser treatment is two to three sessions. Since every patient and their needs are different, this may vary a bit.

Laser treatments have really come to the forefront for dermatological applications; and, skin resurfacing is one of many on this roster.

Vascular laser technology, many plastic surgeons agree, offers optimal pigment correction.

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