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Skin Care Tips For A Good Complexion

Today's environment and lifestyle factors contribute greatly to skin health, and in order to maintain a healthy complexion, daily skin care is of the utmost importance. Hydration and sun protection is key, and by taking a few simple steps with your skin care regime, you can maintain a beautiful, youthful and glowing complexion. Here are some easy tips for beautiful and timeless skin.

Exfoliation is one of the most important practices when it comes to maintaining a good complexion. Exfoliation works to gently remove dry, dead skin cells and encourages healthy collagen production. One to two times a week, exfoliate your skin with a scrub that contains all natural ingredients such as apricot seed, sea salt, sugar, or pineapple enzyme. These ingredients are gentle yet effective, and the best part is that they are all natural. Once you have completed the exfoliation step, apply a thin layer of grape seed or vitamin E oil to the skin. This will help lock in moisture and encourage healthy collagen production, allowing for long lasting suppleness and a healthy glow.

Moisture is the key to healthy and beautiful skin. Extreme weather, certain lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and dry indoor heat can all lead to dry skin, which in turn can lead to a dull, tired complexion as well as irritated skin. Moisturizing in the morning and prior to bedtime is the best way to keep the skin hydrated and protected, allowing for healthy cell renewal and continual moisture. It is always best to use a moisturizer that contains all natural ingredients such as shea butter, Vitamin E, aloe vera, cocoa butter, and retinol, as these ingredients are safe and effective, and provide multiple benefits to the skin. Shea butter is highly emollient, and it works well to protect the skin from dry weather conditions. Vitamin E is nature's most important moisturizer, as it works well to deeply penetrate the skin and lock in moisture, allowing for all-day hydration and protection. Aloe vera contains a high amount of antioxidants and has been used for centuries as a natural healing remedy for skin irritations and sunburns, and cocoa butter works to soothe dry skin and contains a multitude of healthy vitamins. Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A, and it is a common ingredient in scar and acne treatments, Retinol is highly moisturizing, and also works as a mild exfoliant, allowing for a fresh and healthy complexion.

While it is recommended that people spend at least 15 minutes a day in the sun in order to boost Vitamin D production, excessive sun exposure can lead to permanent sun damage, sunburn, and premature aging. Protect your skin as well as your lips with an all-natural sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply sunscreen before heading out for a day in the sun, regardless of the temperature outside. Sunburn and sun damage can occur during the winter as well as the summer, so keeping your sunscreen handy at all times is a definite must.

In Conclusion
In order for your skin to look its best, it is important that you treat it with care at all times. Hot dry weather, cold air, excessive lifestyle habits, and neglecting your skin can all contribute to dryness, premature wrinkles, and an overall dull complexion. The good news is that you can easily remedy these skin afflictions, allowing for a healthy and beautiful complexion. Exfoliation, moisturizing, and sun protection all contribute to the health of your skin, and by incorporating these simple steps into your daily skin care regimen, you will find that your skin is healthy, clear, and beautiful.

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