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Skin care is the name of the game at Green Hills luncheon

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Skin care was the hot topic at Jonathan's in Green Hills on Mar. 6, 2014, as a gathering of men and women attended the luncheon to learn more about the latest technology and anti-aging products from a leading dermatologist skin care company.

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Led by sisters Donna Tisdale and Melinda Hickey (who make up two of the three "Superstar Sisters" team leaders), the meeting was an overview of the history of the company.

The two women shared their personal story and demonstrated two of the cutting-edge tools offered by the company, including the new macro exfoliator which removes 5 MILLION dead skin cells in five minutes as well as the micro-needle roller featured on the "Ellen DeGeneras Show" right before the Oscars (Ellen said she loved it).

They also mentioned that actresses Britney Spears, Lisa Remini and Melissa Gilbert had all three recently tweeted how much they love these particular products.

The women discussed each of the multi-med product regimens and the issues they treat, from age spots, to wrinkles, to acne and sensitivity before moving on to the many benefits of the business side of the enterprise, offering those in the audience an opportunity to partner with the doctors who created Proactiv as the company prepares to go global.

Then the two team leaders concluded the meeting and packed up the two Lexus vehicles they each won from the company and drove off into the afternoon sun, wearing sunscreen of course!

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