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Skin cancer is deadly

Many people don't understand how bad skin cancer really is.
Many people don't understand how bad skin cancer really is.
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Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this, or much else about the most deadly form of cancer.

A recent survey conducted by the British Skin Foundation (BSF) has left officials concerned over the public ‘ignorance’ of the dangers of skin cancer, which affects 100,000 people each year, and the lack of understanding about the disease. Dr Shergill of the BSF has launched It Takes 7, a research and awareness fundraising campaign for skin cancer. Of the 5,000 people, surveyed only one third or about 36% said they checked their skin for changes in things like moles that can indicate skin cancer; the same percentage did not know what to look for. Unfortunately, according to, the FDA still hasn't approved any new ingredients for sunscreen in at least 15 years. Because of this, we are more prone to skin cancer.

The poll revealed that just 25% would get a mole checked if they noticed a change. One in ten would wait for it to get noticeably worse before going to their GP. Fifty percent of the people polled do not think the most deadly form of the cancer can spread, while four in ten do not even think skin cancer is deadly. Twenty percent of the survey sample was unaware that people of all skin types can get skin cancer and one third did not know it could appear under fingernails and toenails or on the soles of feet—on the surface of any part of the body. However, you could use a natural acne scar removal product to help this.

"If skin cancer is caught early, it is usually treatable - but unfortunately, it is very difficult to treat once it has spread to other parts of the body. Tragically, there is currently no treatment that will cure malignant melanoma once it has spread beyond its original site,” said Dr Shergill. "While certain behaviors, like use of sunbeds and not protecting your skin while in the sun, can increase the risk, skin cancer can affect anyone and isn't always a result of excessive sun exposure. It is a complex and deadly disease that we still don't fully understand, so we desperately need more research to help us understand the condition further."

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