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Skin cancer appears in surprising areas

Skin cancer might appear in unexpected places
Skin cancer might appear in unexpected places
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Skin cancer is showing up in an increasing number of surprising areas. Today's active lifestyle exposes more skin to sun rays. Skin cancer is a deadly killer. Be sure to protect all areas of the body from skin cancer with sunscreen and protective clothing. Here are some of the surprising areas skin cancer shows up that we forget to protect.

Driving sun damage

Surprising your teenager with a new car? Don't forget to have the windows coated with UV protection. Body parts on the left side are exposed to skin cancer while driving. Skin cancer is showing up on the left arm, hand, face and neck from prolonged driving. Encourage the use of the air conditioner. Keep those UV coated windows up. Don't forget your passengers. Coat all the windows.

Wear a hat.

Skin cancer attacks the scalp as well. The scalp is one surprising place we forget to protect. The sun beats down directly on the top of the head. Remember those painful scalp burns as a kid? The hair doesn't protect ears either. Don't forget sunscreen on scalp, neck and ears for skin cancer protection.

Beware of bare.

Tummy, cleavage and back baring tops are all the rage. These exposed areas are usually under wraps. That makes them highly receptive to burning and therefore skin cancer. At the beach, we also forget the areas bared are sensitive. Cover every inch of bare skin and don't forget to look for UV coverage swim wear as well.

Check your feet.

Feet are another of the surprising areas where skin cancer shows up. Wearing sandals today? Don't forget the tops of the feet when it comes to fighting skin cancer. Another surprising area are the soles of the feet. Laying on the beach between swims exposes this sensitive area to the sun. Using a beach umbrella can help.

You can get skin cancer indoors as well.

Spending a lot of time near the window indoors increases skin cancer risk. Use UV coating on windows where you work, read, or do other long term activities. Living and kitchen areas pose the highest risk for skin cancer since that is where the most time is spent.

Think you've got it covered?

Don't forget the sun can penetrate most clothing. Surprising areas susceptible to skin cancer include legs and torso that are normally clothing covered. Wear UV protective clothing at outdoor events and sunscreen under your clothing. I have light skin and often burn right through my blue jeans! I have learned that nothing goes unprotected from skin cancer.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not meant to replace professional medical advice.

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