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Skin Review

Skin Review
Skin Review
Skin via Ginae

With a commitment to the planet, Skin Authority is a company who is constantly striving to bring together the ultimate in skin care, under one brand name. They are committed to customer service and innovation. It shows.

We have received the following for review purposes;

  • Moisturizing Cream Cleanser
  • 3-in-1 Skin Cleansing System

Moisturizing Cream Cleanser (6.0 Fl. Oz. MSRP $42.00)
Using this in conjunction with the cleansing system, it is wonderful. It really does soften the skin as it cleanses. Due to the moisturizers in this item, it works great when removing make-up as well.

3-in-1 Skin Cleansing System (MSRP $59.00)
This cleansing system comes equipped with 3 cleansing heads, each of which have a different job to do. The Spin Brush definitely works better than the old way of simply using your hand. You are able to move much faster than normal. Our only issue is that we would like better if it came with a charger.

The first head is a cleansing brush. This Bristle Head was designed to remove oils, impurities and to deep clean one's pores.

The second is a Honeycomb Head and it does a gentle microdermabrasion. It leaves one with a smooth and even skin texture.

The third is a Conical Head. It works well as a makeup applicator and target cleanser. It leaves one with an airbrushed look. It only takes a couple of drops of foundation too. It leaves one looking flawless.

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