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Skiers: Recent Cold Snap Bubble Bursts, Warm Weather is Temporarily On the Way

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Following several record lows and documented readings of 30 below in some parts of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom this past week, the region is in for a classic East Coast "January thaw." While parts of southern Vermont saw up to a foot and a half of 0-degree powder snow, that layer is currently being consolidated. On Sunday night, conditions in Central Vermont are described as 26 degrees and rainy, so as recently tweeted by 511 Vermont's Twitter account, if you don't have chains, stay off the roads.

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While this may sound a bit depressing, and believe me, the 40 degree high tomorrow, will be depressing as far as snow levels are concerned; things will firm right up straight afterwards: a single digit low is tomorrow night's temperature destination for much of the region, so the southern regions could keep up to a foot on the ground, while the northern regions are closer to 6 inches and, light nordic might be the only reasonable option for a a little while. Low temps are foretasted throughout the week, but without much rejuvenation of the snowpack.

As a skier, what does this mean? Needless to say, pray for a bit of snow to stick on top of the boilerplate; do some nordic skiing, don't be a sedentary, lift riding, misery stick waving curmudgeon either. The Northeast is home to many of the better skiers and riders out there.

In short, eat your Wheaties, ski the ice and suck it up, a lack of trees and ice, an experienced skier or rider does not make, if you don't like it, move to Florida and play Bingo and golf, or simply move to the West where Ullr chews your Wheaties for you.