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Ski visualization 102

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It is an ageless and valuable skill to be able to visualize yourself skiing.  In a study done with successful athletes, it was discovered that the winners all visualized themselves winning before they even performed the sport. 

In 101 we had an insight to the powerful child's mindset to learn how they view life on skis.  How do you view yourself skiing?  Remember, the most powerful tool in skiing is your mind.

No matter what your age or ability, you can look ahead while skiing and visualize yourself conquering that trail with proper skill.  Watch other great skiers glidding down and try to do what they are doing.  The best ski instructors know that you only remember 10% of what is said, but your muscle memory never forgets.  So, visualize yourself being good at what you want to do, find a good role model, and give your body a chance to put those wonderful muscles to work. 

Until that snow is ready, don't forget that the best way to improve your skiing abilities is to watch a pro, visualize yourself being that good, and then have a fun ride down the hill.  Regardeless of your age or ability, believe that you can do it!  It is all in the mind!