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Ski visualization 101: a child on skis


  Photo by: Joseph Reeves

It is so amazing to watch a group of three to five year old beginner skiers together in a class.  If one child falls down, others in the group often go down too!  The child saw the classmate fall, they visualized it as well, and down they went.

It is even more amazing how quickly these little ones pop back up ready to go again and again and again.  Usually children can learn to ski so much faster than most adults.  We can learn so much from looking at things the way a child does.

Children often think it is fun to lay in the snow.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, don't think of falling as failure.  You have only failed when you stop trying.  Laugh and look up when you find yourself laying in that cool white stuff.  Don't lay around for too long, though, or ski patrol might give you a fun ride on the sled.

Children usually don't even care what others think if they fall.  We adults waste time worrying about what others might think of us if we crashed in the snow.  This fear only hinders the learning process.  When you put on a pair of skis, be prepared to let go of any pride and be determined to replace it with an attitude of fun.

The most powerful tool in skiing is your mind.  Visualize yourself on skis gliding over fresh powder making pretty turns down that beautiful slope.  Now, stop.  Is an apology necessary for all those ski addicts out there without snow?  No.  A childlike mindset can help us to keep on learning even off season.  For therapy be childlike and visualize snow...visualize fun...right now it is all in the mind!

More to come on ski visualization 102.


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