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Ski tips: 3 simple tips to maximize your Holiday ski trip

Simple tips to maximize your Holiday ski trip
Simple tips to maximize your Holiday ski trip
Kevin Jordan

With the Holidays right around the corner, many people are heading to the slopes. Here are a few tips to maximize your vacation and enjoy your Holiday ski trip.

  1. Take lessons on the bookends of your trip. Many people do not know when to take a lesson on their vacation. Some opt to take a lesson at the beginning of the lesson and then work on a focus for the rest of the trip. Others try to get their "ski legs" underneath. By the time they realize they may be a candidate for a lesson, it is too late and they talk themselves out of taking one. Instead, take a lesson on the first day of your trip and on the last or second to last day of your trip. This way you can get some tips to focus on and then see if you have improved upon what your were working on.
  2. Avoid the crowds. Take a mid-morning snack and then a late lunch. This way you will avoid the crowds in the restaurants, lodge, and/or cafeteria. Plus, you will have the slopes to yourself (kinda) while everyone else is in for lunch.
  3. Buy in advance. Most resorts and areas will reward you with savings if you purchase in advance. Check your local area or the resort you are heading to for more information. Many people want to wait to see what the weather will be like or whether or not they may ski that day. If you wait to buy lift tickets, rentals, and lessons, you will pay peak Holiday prices.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your Holiday vacation!