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Ski Gear Review: Ski-mojo device designed to ease fatigue

The Ski-mojo device is designed to make skiing less strenuous.

Originally designed by a group of British skiers and engineers, the Ski-mojo provides a lightweight exo-skeleton to alleviate pressure on a skier's legs and knees. Worn under ski pants, the neoprene knee-supports contain springs that the maker claims can reduce strain and body weight by one-third. In effect, the springs also work like a car's shock absorbers.

While Ski-mojo is not officially considered to be a medical or safety device, it can be used as an aid to make skiing more comfortable and less strenuous. Ordered through the company's website, the Ski-mojo costs $525.

Prosper Wang, an advanced skier from Littleton, Colo., recently tried the Ski-mojo on the ski slopes of Colorado.

Prosper Wang- Ski Gear Tester:

At first, the Ski-mojo seems a little complicated. With the help of the instructions, a YouTube video and a little trial-and-error, I was able to get the device installed and fitted properly. Since I’ve had four knee surgeries, I wanted to see if the Ski-mojo would support and protect my knee like I feel while wearing my custom knee brace.

I was initially skeptical. After skiing with the Ski-mojo for three days in a row, however, I was pleasantly surprised. My knees felt stable through the entire turn, every turn. In addition, the Ski-mojo encouraged a more forward stance. I also felt like it relieved some stress on my quads. To some extent I felt like I was cheating and it made good skiing easier. For those who struggle with skiing all day or multiple days in a row, the Ski-mojo could be very helpful. Wearing the Ski-mojo does add an extra, relatively thick layer which must be taken into account when dressing for the weather. Overall, the Ski-mojo is a helpful ski aid for those who might need a little extra help to better enjoy the sport."

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