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Skeptic Society Hosts Atheist-Spiritualist Debate

Sam Harris is a total fox. Crafty, wise and... foxy.
Sam Harris is a total fox. Crafty, wise and... foxy.
Photo: Associated Press

The Skeptic Society, housed at Pasadena's Cal Tech and home to esteemed scientist and author, Michael Shermer, will this week host a debate between Shermer, fellow atheist Sam Harris (The End of Faith) and spiritualists Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston.The topic? "Does God have a future?"

According to the Skeptic Society website, the event will be filmed for ABC Nightline, so those of you not in the Los Angeles area (or who don't have tickets by now-- sorry, its sold out) will still have a chance to revel in the presence of Sam Harris.

Is it just me or does anyone else need Sam Harris to occasionally wave his wedding band about to keep you in line? Just me? Fair enough.

"Does God have a Future?"  begins at 2 pm on Sunday, March 14th at Cal Tech's Beckman Auditorium.


  • SG 5 years ago

    I am SO happy I have a ticket!!

  • Réne Girard (SD Christianity & Culture) 5 years ago

    What a silly title "Does God have a future?", and yet they don't even have a guest speaker who actually knows God. Oh well, suffice it to say that He's always had his detractors who have come and gone while God, of course, remains. :-)

  • Steve-n-SA 5 years ago

    Yeah, that is silly, I mean you might as well ask if Santa Clause has a future.

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