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Skeleton removed 38 years later: Skeleton of fetus inside woman 64, for 38 years

Abdominal pain brought the woman to the doctor and what was first thought to be a cancerous mass, was the skeleton of a baby from a pregnancy 38 years ago. Jyoti Kumar carried that skeleton for almost four decades after she didn't follow up with her ectopic pregnancy that was diagnosed when she was 24, according to Fox News on Aug. 21.

Woman carries ectopic pregnancy for 38 years. Doctors find a skeleton of a fetus when she complained of stomach pain.
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Kumar, who is from the Indian city of Nagpur, was told she had an ectopic pregnancy almost four decades ago and the doctors said she would need to have the fetus removed. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fetus develops on the outside of the womb, a type of pregnancy where the baby is not likely to survive.

The Atlantic Journal reports today that Kumar is 64 years old. Her case of carrying this ectopic pregnancy for 38 years is believed to be a world-record setting case.

38-years-ago she was frightened of going under the knife and fled the hospital. It wasn’t until recently that the pain became so unbearable that she needed to seek medical help. When she first arrived at the hospital, a hard lump was discovered by the doctor who feared it was cancer.

She underwent a MRI and upon further inspection of what was seen on the MRI images, the doctor found a skeleton of a fetus instead of a cancerous mass. The amniotic fluid that protects the fetus might have been absorbed with the soft tissues turning to liquid over time. This would explain why the surgeon found a “bag of bones with some liquid remaining” when he opened up the patient.

The doctors removed the mass, taking it out between the uterus, intestines and bladder. This ectopic pregnancy is believed to be the longest recorded in the world. Prior to this a woman carried an ectopic pregnancy for 18 years, which was a similar case to Kumar's case.

The woman who was found to have a 44-year-old fetus inside of her, was a bit different. She was carrying the calcified fetus around in her uterus for 44 years. That case was referred to as “The Stone Baby” because the fetus was calcified. You can read about that case below in the section of suggested articles by the author.

Above you can watch the video describing the "Stone Baby" that a woman carried for 44 years.

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