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Tony Hawk caught up in HUVr tech controversy

Comedian Will Ferrell's Funny or Die website has masses of skateboarders using social media to express their distaste for Funny or Die's latest video production. The clip is a HUVr Board skit featuring Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Moby and Billy Zane. In watching the clip not even a minute into it titles appear on the screen stating that "In February 2014, HUVrtech hosted an event in downtown Los Angeles. The following demonstrations are completely real." Further confusing skateboarders and adding more legitimacy to the clip was the appearance of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. They even go as far as to say the HUVr app will be available for IPhone and Android devices. The outrage was so serious that Funny or Die in their own snarky way made a follow up video starring Christopher Loyd apologizing for the video. In the follow up video Loyd claimed he was "Hoodwiked, Flim Flammed, Hornswaggled, Shanghaied, Bamboozled, Hoverduped, Swindled and Scammed!" despite seeing the wires holding up the athletes and stars that were featured in the original HUVr video. - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

Tony Hawk featured in the HUVr Tech promo.
Tony Hawk featured in the HUVr Tech promo.
Photo by HUVr Tech (Funny or Die)
Tony Hawk talks Hoverboarding
Grab from You Tube

Click here to peep the HUVr apology video.

"In watching the clip I obviously new it to be Hollywood. Especially when Christopher Loyd pulled up in a DeLorean.Although hover boarding would most likely close down all skatepark's as we know them (my business), I still look forward to the day super conductors allow us to actually reverse the earth's magnetic pull giving us hover boarding. I think that poking fun at our child like dreams for the future is what made this Funny or Die clip so outrageous to people!" - Jason Chapman owner The Charmcity Skatepark

"Im still in shock that I am doing it. That I was here actually doing it. That I was hovering. That it happened in my life time." - Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder

"That's NOT cool. I kinda thought it was fake. But WTF!?!?!?!?? Why are you guys just gonna play with our emotions like that. You're gonna reference Back to the Future and bring up warm fuzzy memories of my childhood and then just piss all over them. You guys are MESSED up..." - Cody Vick via Facebook

"How about you donate your bullshit money to Parkinson's disease or Michael J. Fox's cause and stop thinking up more ways to piss off the public." - Sixone Sevenvolts via Facebook

"I JUST WANTED IT TO BE REAL! MY DREAM CRUSHED haha... Well for now at least it'll come eventually I hope HuvR or whatever, you were cruel to the world and I don't know if I can forgive you" - Cody Grimm via YouTube

"We are sincerely sorry we have lied. But we hope that this fake will get things moving. Do not worry. The Hoverboards exist one day! We will keep you informed." - HUVr Tech via Facebook

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